First blog post (that wasn’t actually my first)

Well this is awkward.

So it turns out that this is my third blog post and I have written my actual first blog post in the wrong area, what can I say, I’m new to this. Don’t judge me, or do because if you put yourself out on the internet you are putting yourself out there to be judged. How cynical we all are.

I love writing. My mum used to say, why do you want to be a writer when you’ve never wrote more than a page and that used to worry me, what if I can’t write. But it’s like when a small child first starts to talk and then they never shut up, since I’ve started writing, I’ve never shut up. I don’t know if I’m particularly good, I’ve never been the best at placing commas or making sentences flow and I think i’m much wittier than I actually am but I can write.

Apparently, I’ve heard through the grapevine, that everyone has a special talent. People at my school, they can dance or sing or play an instrument or play sport to a certain level in which people say, “Oh she’s really good at that”, and I’d like to think that I have that with writing but it’s not good to be presumptuous. Saying that, I just used the word good so perhaps I should scrap that idea.

Ramble over (at least it was short).

Emily Simms: 22:01


5 thoughts on “First blog post (that wasn’t actually my first)

  1. Everyone needs to start somewhere, take her or his footprints, in the real as also in the digital world. As a started a photography blog just 2 Weeks ago, i also started writing my first book, so keep on, its learning by doing!

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