Hi it’s Emily

According to the internet, there are a lot of Emily’s in the world, I could tell you that there are precisely 335,910 Emily’s in the U.S.A and approximately 33 of them share my surname. I am not American. But, there is nothing wrong with using statistics because it is highly proven that they increase the chances of you appearing more intelligent by a really large number (now I seem less clever).

If this was a story marked by a teacher, so far I would be marked down for the lack of information I have told you about the protagonist and as wordpress explicitly said this is meant to be a post to tell you more about myself. So..

I am currently heading in to my last year of sixth form, wanting to study Journalism/Publishing/English Literature at University. I write for Kettle Mag, a student publication and hope by writing a blog, I can find out where I want to take my academic future.

Many blogs on here have a specific focus: photography, politics etc. but I’m afraid I can’t conform to labels. I like to talk about ideas, things that interest me and that I hope interest you too but let’s see where this blogging journey leads…

Emily Simms: 21:34



One thought on “Hi it’s Emily

  1. You might think my name is uncommon but I believe there are actually several hundred Nam Nguyen’s in Australia alone. At least that’s what it seems like whenever they have to look my name up in any sort of database.
    And there were 18 of me that attended my university (to my knowledge).
    Best of wishes for your academic future!

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