It is finally that time of year again where everyone under the age of 21 rejoices because we are allowed to spend days upon end of doing nothing and not having to see anyone we don’t want to, or is that just me?

But the concept of summer alters as we grow up and the way we spend our treasure of time does too. When I was younger, much younger, summer was about going on holiday with my parents and making a conscious effort to see my friends, feeling neglected if no one had texted me back about a cinema trip. But I have fond, universal memories of going to the park and just being a kid, as i’m sure most have. However, as I’ve gotten slightly older, summers have become slightly better: last year being undoubtedly the best. This is not an advertisement or a cheeky promo but I may or may not have participated in a program called NCS, which i’m sure you have heard of. And as the profound Phineas and Ferb song suggests “the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it”, it, being summer. Finding something like NCS in which you can actually make a difference during summer holidays by actually helping people isn’t too shabby, when you would otherwise be watching multiple series’s on Netflix and leaving my homework till the last minute. But as I said, this isn’t a promo…

Moving on swiftly, I think summer is the best time of year (sorry Santa). I hate the weather and the thought of seeing middle aged men without their top on in the Lake District (I’m still scarred) but the prospect of summer is a thrilling one. For you science buffs, I think of it as a stem cell, until it’s touched, it could be anything you desire it to be but once you’ve engineered it to be a certain limb or body part, then it cannot be undone. That’s summer. If you choose to stay in bed all day and watch Youtube and scroll on Tumblr (which I love to do) then you have decided the fate of your summer and when it comes to the day before you have to go back to school, you decide it’s time to spring into action to do your homework. THAT IS FINE. But… if you want to have experiences and make a difference in your community or to yourself then you’re going to come back a new person. I don’t think there’s an inbetween. So because the stem cell is currently untampered, how do you want it to turn out?


Emily Simms: 09:14









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