Results Day…

Cue the terrifying Jaws theme tune, hide under a sofa, eat your body weight in junk food, find a…STOP.

Adults that already have their life put together will tell you that your results don’t define you and there is always another way to pursue the subject/ career that you want. For some people that bathe in diamonds or want to engage in a vocational sector I absolutely agree. But if you want to become a lawyer/doctor… all the other jobs you need a good degree to become, Results Day is the make or break. All the mocks you have had to take, hours you have had to revise, kilograms of paper you have used up, sticky notes you have stuck, lead up to this one day that they have placed with sinister intent at the end of Summer.

I think in an ideal world, people who have put the time and effort in to try to achieve their predicted grades would be content with that thought during the holiday period. But that just isn’t the case. The niggling feeling that you may have not wrote enough for that last question or calculated the wrong numbers together for that 9-marker will haunt you after you placed your head on the pillow. It’s a terrifying time and no one understands it until you’re faced with the matter in hand. Will I get into my firm choice? Surely I will have done enough to secure my insurance choice… hello clearing.

If anyone reading this thought that this blog post would single handedly solve this crisis faced by the youth of today, I sincerely apologise. What I would say is that if it doesn’t go the way you want it to first time then try again. University is meant to be the best and poorest 3/4 years of your life and if it takes another one to get to the place you want to be, then a year it will take. For me, this Thursday is the try out for next year, the only grade that will count is my Maths and if I fail that… then I’ve already given my calculators away (they’re too expensive to just throw away).

So good luck fellow strugglers and I’ll see you on the other side.

Emily Simms: 14:50



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