One of the most widely anticipated events of…

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One of the most widely anticipated events of the year is almost upon us, the build up and tension of it all is almost too much to bear. What will happen? Will it go as planned? Will we be on the naughty list?

As I like to think I’m a glass half-full person, the upcoming election is not what I wanted this week’s post to be about. I could write about the pros and cons of each candidate and bore you with the details that are plastered on every news channel and paper but as I said, I’m all for positivity. So the actual title of this post is:

Can Christmas come too early?

These days, Christmas arrives as soon as the supermarkets have disposed of all of their Halloween products,which means that I start asking my mum if we can walk down the seasonal aisle on the 1st November. Already my head has started whirling with gift ideas for friends and family and the realisation I have to start saving.

When walking home, I appreciate the houses that have multicoloured lights wrapped around their potted trees and a reef hung upon the door, my mum envious that we don’t own as aesthetically pleasing lights.

Christmas offers are plastered on the front of shops, inviting you in to make use of their 3-for-2. Christmas jumpers are hanging on racks begging you to join in the festive spirit. Anticipation begins to swarm on social media, guessing as to what John Lewis are going to pull out of their genius advertising hats this year. Buzz has begun to build about the German Christmas market trip, plans are being arranged for our Christmas get together amongst my friends and already I am craving Christmas food. Is this wrong?

Obviously the retail market have something to gain by starting Christmas early, but should we buy into that? Working in a shop, already customers have begun to start buying Christmas gifts for their daughters, sons, granddaughters and whoever else, and being prepared is always better than leaving it to Christmas Eve but I can’t help feeling that perhaps it is a little too soon. I am guilty of this consumerism as I have already purchased some Christmas earrings and wore my “winter” jumper on the 1st November because I love Christmas with all of my heart but again, something feels wrong.

I am not going to start preaching about the meaning of Christmas because lets be honest, most of us forget about baby Jesus and the little donkey but I think it’s mostly a time for family and about showing care for others. But it can turn into, “where’s the best deal for my tin of chocolates” and “do I really have to buy a present for a person I don’t particularly like”. For people like me, the whole notion behind starting Christmas early is so it doesn’t vanish in a blink of an eye and I can play “Fairytale of New York” at least 100 times. I love to make use of my Christmas dress that can only be taken out of my wardrobe once a year and my colossal Christmas pudding earrings that are always a crowd pleaser.

Should Christmas technically begin when I start to open the doors on my advent calendar or when they can be first bought in shops? I say throw caution to the wind, some people (places) have their own agendas to this modern day question but if Summer can last as long as it does, surely Christmas should be allowed to, too.

So Merry Christmas!

And inspired by The Little Wise Owl, I think I may start my very first Blogmas so watch this space!

Emily Simms: 19:40


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