December 2nd: Where did Christmas go?

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It may be the 2nd December but I have no shame in saying that I have already purchased all of my friend’s presents and wore my new pair of Christmas earrings to death along side my new Christmas jumper (that has a pug on). For most, Christmas has still not infected their lives but for me, I am in full swing of Christmas mode and feel like it is already going too quickly.

I have already helped to scoff two boxes of mince pies and tried many of the wonderful festive flavours Costa has to offer (I highly recommend the amaretto latte) but I am yet to try my first slice of Christmas cake, which is by far my favourite seasonal food item. Reccounting all of this, I wonder why anyone would prefer Summer. What does Summer have to offer apart from a few ice creams and a few weeks off that go faster than the speed of Santa’s sleigh?

How christmassy has 2nd December been?

I woke up this morning to open the second window of both of my calendars- yes, both- as my mother  had bought me a Yankee Candle calendar in the sale the year before and everyone needs a chocolate one. Waking up in the morning to a room drenched in darkness is quite impossible but knowing you have something to open certainly makes it easier.

Unfortunately school, in particular A-Levels, do not cotton on to the fact it is almost Christmas but when scrolling through my emails, I came across “a message from Santa”. My wonderful, long-haired friend George always makes our group of friends a personalised message from Santa (here’s the link if you want to make someone’s day) and you can make them absolutely hilarious, so I really would recommend it. I then proceeded to spend all of my study period making him one back which is a perfect use of your time if you have a history coursework deadline in two weeks.

At lunchtime, my mother picked me up from school as I had to conduct an interview with a manager of a local bookshop for a film project I’m doing, to find out if independent bookshops can compete with big names such as Amazon. But before that, we visited a Costa where I had my festive latte which you really cannot get any other time of the year. When walking through the town, seeing Christmas displays cheering up shop windows and a grand Christmas tree in the square, I wished I had worn my Christmas jumper but there was strong sense of Christmas to make up for it. I would also like to add that I bought Moby Dick, A Clockwork Orange, To Kill a Mockingbird and a hardback book of poems for just £8.50, did someone say bargain?

My village, which I would regard as a knockoff, wannabe Stars Hollow was holding its annual Christmas Cheer event, meaning that the Christmas lights would be switched on, even if they started a week ago. As we are not ones to really want to bother with the business of these communal events, our plan was to walk to the fish and chip shop, buy three trays of chips and have a quick walk through to see what was happening this year. Five minutes of the commotion is certainly enough for one year, the local school children who, as usual were drowned out by the backing vocals on the cd were singing the magnolia carols, washing up liquid bubbles were swarming the air and the lady on stilts with a light up cape was nearly hitting people in the eye with her swaying arms. You really had to be there. A woman also gave us a disapproving look because she couldn’t believe anyone would want to miss her child singing, when all he probably wanted to do was get away from the cold.

Beat my 2nd December!

Emily Simms: 20:10


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